SMC Excel @ Publication in Procedia CIRP// Dissemination at ICRM CIRP Conference (June 2016)

June 1, 2016 at 10:22 am by Stephan Hankammer

Our Case Study on Sustainable Mass Customization for Smartphones (Phonebloks / Google Project Ara) has been accepted for publication in Procedia CIRP 2016. We will disseminate the results at this year’s 3rd international Conference on Ramp-Up Management taking place in Aachen (Germany) in June 2016. The article summarizes the findings resulting from SMC-Excel’s case study on Google’s modular smartphone approach Project Ara (WP1). We are looking forward to this event, and especially to disseminate our results to the international ramp-up community. We will provide the link to download the article as soon as it is published online at Elsevier. For more information about the conference please visit:

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