SMC Excel @ Publication in Procedia CIRP // Dissemination at IPSS CIRP Conference (June 2016)

June 7, 2016 at 10:37 am by Stephan Hankammer

We are very happy to announce that the (full consortium) article “User-Interface Design for Individualization Services to Enhance Sustainable Consumption and Production” has been accepted for publication in the Open-Access Journal Procedia CIRP and selected for presentation at this year’s IPSS CIRP Conference (Product-Service Systems across Life Cycle) taking place in Bergamo (Italy) in June 2016. The paper assesses the integration of sustainability in the individualization service offered through user-interfaces, such as in particular configurators, both theoretically and empirically. It provides insights from reviewing more than 900 web-based configurators within 16 different industries. The analysis reveals that only about five percent of all user-interfaces address sustainability issues in their individualization services.

You find the article at

Stephan Hankammer @ IPSS Conference

SMC-Excel @ IPSS Conference

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