About us

The Mass Customization Knowledge Network was established as a result of the research conducted in the EU-funded research project REMPLANET. The starting point of all deliberations was the following vision: An online portal for collaboration of stakeholders in the field of mass customization. The MCKN website is supposed to address the following three core targets:

  • The platform offers an easy introduction into the topic of mass customization / customer co-creation, which can be accessed by viewing the MC Wiki section of the MCKN website. Furthermore, there is a broad Knowledge Repository to deepen the understanding of mass customization.

  • The portal fosters knowledge exchange between practitioners: Problems on implementing or executing mass customization can be posted for open discussion with the help of the Solution Market; other stakeholders can then answer these “questions” and share their experiences. Furthermore, knowledge exchange can be facilitated through the exchange of documented knowedlge.

  • The portal connects different stakeholders from the field: Academia, manufacturers of individualized products and providers of enabling services for mass customization are brought together to form a community that will communicate and exchange information through the platform using the Networks section. Moreover, members can also meet offline using the Events section to create and coordinate meetings.