About MCKN

What is the objective of MCKN?

MCKN has two major objectives: Firstly, the portal should enable users to learn about mass customization. For this purpose, the Wiki section offers a description of mass customization related catch phrases. The Wiki is user generated and will be filled with more content over time and existing entries are going to be updated and corrected by other users as well. Another important feature of MCKN is the knowledge repository where academic papers, case studies, trade journal articles or videos can be uploaded. Just like the Wiki section the knowledge repository is going to be further filled with more content as more members actively participate on MCKN.

The second major objective of MCKN is to facilitate communication among all stakeholders of mass customization: In the network section users can find an overview of all registered members. Furthermore, groups and friend lists can be created here in order to socialize with other people interested in mass customization. In addition, the solution market offers a forum where members can discuss topics and post questions that are related to mass customization.

Who could be interested in MCKN?

The website can be of interest for a wide audience. This includes scholars, academics, practitioners and people interested in mass customization in general. Besides getting into contact with other people interest in mass customization, it is also possible to just learn more about the mass customization phenomenon.

Getting started

Who can register?

In general, everybody who  is interested in mass customization is allowed to register. Registration is free of charge and can be completed in a few minutes.

Can I participate as an unregistered user as well?

Unregistered users can access all content of MCKN: you can read articles and follow discussions. However, it is not possible to participate actively by sharing your opinion on a discussion or post in the wiki section, for example.

Technical Problems

I did not receive an activation link after registration.

One reason for the missing link could be that the e-mail you received was placed in your SPAM folder. If you cannot find the e-mail there, please contact the admin.

I cannot log in to MCKN.

Make sure that your user name and your password are correct. Also, you can try to refresh the page and try again.

I cannot upload any documents.

Please make sure that you are logged in. You can only upload documents to MCKN as a registered user.

Who do I turn to when I need technical support?

Please contact the admin.