Social phenomena like aging, growth of obese people and increased sensitivity towards disabled, diabetics people, together with eco-friendly products, are new challenges to find fitted solutions for Sport and safety equipment. In this area, European manufacturers need to develop a new approach to fully exploit their excellence. Also the adoption of customer-driven production methodologies and technologies is a key strategy to improve the competitiveness in the current market scenario.

To achieve this strategic vision, the project addresses the following sub goals:

  • Integrated Data Platform, to collect customer data requirements;
  • Developing new adaptive production systems & processes for the production of customized goods
  • Efficient and controlled use of “light” biodegradable materials and integrated LCA methodologies
  • Technologies for constant monitoring, over long distances, of customer bio-metric parameters.

To achieve the MY Wear project’s objectives a lean, experienced and complementary partnership has been settled, which involves 10 partners of 6 different member states. MY Wear is strongly industry driven, with 7 industrial partners out of 10, 6 of which are SMEs with leading roles, in the project consortium.

The results of the MY Wear project will be validated in an integrated industrial demonstration set up, involving all industrial partners of the project and the target consumers groups. In particular a smart textile and a customized shoes production processes will be assessed.

Therefore an innovative pilot factory for fully automatic customized safety shoes production will be realized in the project coordinator facilities.

The strong involvement of qualified companies will also guarantee a fast and effective business exploitation of the MY Wear project’s results for both new materials, components and technologies developed and new consumer-oriented products for the target groups.