SERVIVE ( – as REMPLANET – is an EU funded project within the 7th framework and intends to implement Mass Customisation throughout Europe on a wide and large scale. It is resident in the fashion and apparel industry and its main goals are

  • the enlargement of the assortment of customisable items currently on offer,
  • the drastic enhancement of all co-design aspects (functionality and fun) and
  • the development and testing of a new production model based on decentralized networked SME cells.


Many research projects lack the transfer from „scientific research” to “making money in business”. After three years EU funded project SERVIVE now has to prove its promise to build a platform that connects Mass customization suppliers and vendors within the apparel industry. Logging into the SERVIVE community offers a world of sites like amazon and facebook combined: Shop mass customized apparel from different suppliers, have your own profile and show your configured products to friends. Besides the fact that you are able to shop mass customized products instead of mass produced ones, you are also able to build up a virtual twin of yourself, have a look at the clothes you desire on your avatar and get advice from experts on your looks.

And what’s in there for companies? Joining the SERVIVE portal enables you to address your offer to a huge interested crowd. Instead of developing your coding and every service by yourself, you can use already approved ones that customers know and appreciate. Especially for small and medium sized enterprises this is a chance to reach out to many potential customers and enables SMUs to concentrate on their key capabilities: what do we want to offer and how do we want to produce it? Cross-selling possibilities will raise the amount of purchased goods and a comfortable configuration process with a connected order and stock system smoothes the whole data flow.

SERVIVE will support the MCKN platform by providing content as for example papers and postings related to the fashion and apparel industry. You are also very welcome to join the SERVIVE Group on MCKN- so explore it!

SERVIVE contacts
Project Coordinator: Konstantina Papachristopoulou
Athens Technology Center, Greece